Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photos from the Blog Launch

Hi out there,

We had a wonderfully successful blog launch a couple of weeks back at the Royal Oak on Echo Drive.  Does anyone else out there have Martha and the Muffins, "Echo Beach" now running through their heads?  We thought we would share some of the photos that were taken at the event.  I have to apologize for the quality, my mind appears to have been elsewhere that night and I wasn't paying attention to whether or not my camera was focusing properly.  The upside is some folks are saved from their likenesses being posted here due to blurriness. 

Jennifer, the mastermind behind this blog!

A little discourse going on. I say, that's my drink on the table. Excuse me a moment.

Brian Beaven, a past President of the AAO East Chapter. Brian will be helping us at a table on Heritage Day, February 22, 2011, at Ottawa City Hall. I even hear that some AAO East execs will be in period costume.

What more do you want than food and conversation.

"Hey, what happened to the Guinness sign?"
"Guinness sign?"
"Yeah the one that keeps showing up in every photo in perfect focus."

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