Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Hour, Sept. 8, 2011

Hi All,

Welcome back from the summer fun.  To jump start our new work year we had a little Happy Hour down in the Glebe.  It was a well attended event and I am glad to say that our AAO President, Danielle Hughes, was able to make it out and meet some of our AAO East/Est Chapter members.  This is a launching point for a year packed full of actiivties, including, a Story Teller night, a workshop on the basic of archives/records management for some of our rural chapter members, and a review of our Chapter constitution.

Here are some photos from the evening festivities:

 A bird's eye view finds Margaret, our chapter president, in the centre of things. AAO President, Danielle Hughes is on the right, in the centre.  Moving in a circular pattern around Margaret we have Leah, Rebecca, Brian, Allison, Jennifer and Theresea.
 I guess we can surmise from Jennifer's smile that Happy Hour is indeed happy.  If you are getting a headache from that latest acquisition you really should come out and join in the fun and thought provoking conversation.
 All smiles for this shot.  Rob Fisher vetoed the photo I took just before this one and opted to pose for the camera, with the rest of the table succumbing to the photo op. Rob's in the back, Emery Leger is on the right and on the left is AAO President, Danielle Hughes.
I don't know how this happened but somehow I ended up in a photo, John D. Lund, to the right. Theresa Sorel, fellow archivist from the City of Ottawa Archives, is on the left.  I think this is retribution for all the photos I took of Margaret.  Guess who selected the photos to post?

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