Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Election of Executive Officers

AAO East / Est (the Eastern Ontario Chapter of the AAO)

Announces the Election of Executive Offices for the 2013-2014 Term 

This is the official announcement that elections for the executive offices for AAO East/Est are to take place on Thursday 9 May 2013 at the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting (AGM); thereby providing the required advance notice of 30 days.  All terms of office are currently for a one year period.  All positions on the AAO East  / Est Executive are open for election for the 2013-2014 Term; current executive members are standing for the following positions:

  • President- John Lund
  • Vice- President- Vacant
  • Treasurer- Theresa Sorel
  • Secretary- Dalton Campbell (currently Acting Secretary)
  • Member-at-large (Communications Officer)- Candace Vanskiver
  • Member at Large-Vacant
Anyone wishing to serve as a member of the executive must make their intention known or be nominated by someone and accept this nomination either by contacting the Nominations and Elections Chairperson by e-mail on or before Wednesday 8 May 2013 at 5 pm, or by presenting themselves for election at the AAO East AGM on Thursday 9 May 2013 when the Nominations and Elections Chairperson requests a call from the floor.  Persons wishing to stand for election and are unable to be at the AGM may do so providing  they have made their intention known to the Nominations and Elections Chairperson in adherence with the stated deadline.  In the case where there is more than one person nominated for the same position, there will be a vote by the members in attendance at the AGM.  

A description of the duties and role of the executive is available upon request.   All nominations, intentions and inquiries concerning the 2013-2014 election, should be directed to the Nominations and Elections Chairperson:  Margaret Dixon at: mjdxn@yahoo.com.    

The AGM will take place on Thursday 9 May at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa from 6:30-8:30pm.  Further details to follow.        

Dated:  9 April 2013

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